Valor Mentoring

Mentoring is a powerful way to help others learn and grow. It can provide guidance, support, and encouragement, which can help people reach their full potential. Mentoring can also build relationships and create a sense of community. When people feel supported and connected, they are more likely to succeed. Finally, mentoring can make a positive impact on the world by helping people develop the skills and knowledge they need to make a difference. Click the logo for more information on how to get involved with Valor Mentoring.



BetterMan is a Christian organization that helps men unleash the better man inside them by dismissing today’s toxic and passive cultural expressions of masculinity and empowering the timeless manhood fundamentals found in the Bible and in the person of Jesus Christ. The curriculum is an 11-week group study on the essentials of biblical manhood and how men can live it out at home, at work, with friends, and with God. The BetterMan curriculum was created by Dr. Robert Lewis, a retired pastor and founder of Men’s Fraternity, as well as a 2022 conference keynote speaker. Click the logo for more information on how to get involved with BetterMan.


Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups are small groups of like-minded men who agree to meet regularly,

encourage one another in the faith and pursue Christ-likeness. Every man needs to be part of a small group for encouragement, mutual support, and prayer - a covenant group. Every man also needs a plan for consistent times along with God. This essential habit is a daily Appointment with God (AWG). These two critical habits—authentic fellowship and consistent devotional habits - are at the core of covenant groups. You don’t need to live isolated, distracted, and compartmentalized any longer. We are here to help you catch the vision, pick a plan, recruit your group, and launch! Click the logo for more information on how to get involved with Covenant Groups.


Reid Saunders Association

Reid Saunders Association exists to bring the Gospel of Christ to unreached places. Our focus is to serve and empower the local church. This means for every country we go to, the local pastors define the needs of their community. We follow their lead and equip them to bring the Gospel to their prisons, city dumps, downtown gatherings, medical clinics, and schools. With the local church as the champion of the work, they are invested in and prepared for the follow-up and discipleship of new believers. Since the founding of RSA, it has been our passion to go to the ends of the earth to share the Gospel.

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Pure Desire

Pure Desire groups support men and women in their recovery by providing a safe, confidential place to process their life story: learning how family of origin, traumatic experiences, and wounding messages impact relationships. Pure Desire groups help you discover how to break free of denial and face the truth before God and others. You will be able to identify the pattern of relapse and develop an effective plan to create sexual integrity. Pure Desire groups give you the framework to process your pain with others who can truly empathize. You will begin to understand the true nature of forgiveness, find your voice, and learn how to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships. You will also see how the pain of another person’s addiction has deepened your own wounds from the past.
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kNot Today

Our mission is to generate awareness and initiate prevention strategies to end sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking of children. We also partner with vetted, restorative service providers to improve their capacity to care for children who have experienced sexual trauma. kNot Today strives to bring about a world which cherishes and protects the beauty and innocence of every child.
Click the logo for more information on how to get involved with kNot Today.

Introducing Our Main Speakers

Frank Reich

Head Coach

Carolina Panthers

Reid Saunders
Reid Saunders Association

Mark Hanke
Senior Pastor
Salem First Baptist Church

Bruce Stefanik
Senior Pastor
Church on the Hill

Tom Murray
Lead Pastor
Peoples Church

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June 10, 2023

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